Sound in Your HTML Email Campaigns

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Audio Email Marketing

By using basic HTML and an audio file you can make your email marketing campaigns more effective.
To reach your audience without be annoying you should stick with a short audio clip. A 10 second script or less is best. If you use music is should be an appealing low tone loop.

Benefits of Using HTML and an Audio File

  • Plays automatically when an email is opened
  • No downloads or installations required
  • Works on all Internet connection speeds

Benefits of Using Audio in Your Email Campaigns

  • Rich Media attracts attention from people
  • Talking audio "TELLS" your message
  • Audio adds impact
  • Audio converts viewers into buyers
  • Increases response rates


Play sound in a HTML email the same way you would do it in an HTML webpage.

<bgsound src="" loop="infinite">

You could also use a wav file, but I doubt that would run on as many OS's. You can set the loop to a number, which would limit how many times the sound plays.

<bgsound src="" loop="4">

Remember, you must use an absolute link (with the, for this to work when the user opens the HTML email.


audio email marketing code


Remember, you just need to use bgsound and loop to add sound in html emails.Check out this video that shows how to add background music to your website: