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Indianapolis, IN 46268
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Skype: mycomics

LinkedIn Resume

SapceJ.G. Moore - Simpson Style!=


► Objective:

Internet, Development, eLearning and Media opportunities

► Resume Overview:


First I would like to thank you for checking out my resume. My resume is long. I made it long in order to showcase my skills. I encourage you to visit all the links on my resume. These links are my work. By looking at them you will get a comprehensive view of of the following:

  • What I've done
  • What I can do
  • Why you need to hire me

Here is a TXT version of my resume. Here is a Word version of my resume. Here is a Word version of my work samples. Thank you for your time and consideration.


► Work Samples:

A Case Study

Email Producer and Campaign Manager

SEO Content Strategy

SEO Audit Report

Interactive HTML

Graphics and Video Content

SEO Content Sample 1 - SEO optimized Content

SEO Contnet Sample 2 - SEO optimized Content

SEO Web Article

SEO Web Article

Email Campaign

Email Campaign Landing Page

eLearning - Design and Development - HTML, Video and Flash

End User Guide

Q&A Content

Graphics - Logos

Graphics - Caricatures

Repurposed Content with Social Media Integration

SEO Forum Content

Web User Documentation

Detailed work case studies of some of my projects

Writing - Book Excerpt #1

Writing - Book Excerpt #2


► Key Skills:

• Content Creation - Documentation, Graphic Design and Multimedia Production

• Documentation - Technical Writing and Document Design


► Relevant Skills:

• Strong personal skills including focused listening and logical thinking

• A "techie" with good communication skills

ASTD Certified Instructional Designer

Published Technical Author

Former CBS Sports Blogger

Social Media




► Proficient User of the Following:


Google Webmaster Tools
MS Office 2007 & Google Apps
Camtasia Studio
eCampaign 7.4
InDesign CS4
Articulate Storyline
After Effects CS4
Dreamweaver CS5 + FileZilla
Photoshop CS4 & CS5
Adobe Premiere Pro
Maya 2008 Unlimited

Operating Systems/Servers:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Mac OS 10.6
Apple iOS 3.2
Apache Server



Learning & Content Management Systems:

Plateau SCORM 1.2 and 2004
Cerner MyMedEd - Silverstream
GreenLight LMS
WordPress 3.9

• Here is what I bring to the table:

Flash CS - CS4
Photoshop CS4
Ruby on Rails
Web Design & Development
Apple iOS 4
Win/Mac OS

► Employment History:


May 2013 – Present – Kenra Professional | Instructional Design and Development

As a contract Instructional Developer I was responsible for managing and creating the development of interactive

I design, develop and deliver web-based corporate and product training, while working collaboratively with a multi-faceted team including corporate officers, regional managers, stylist, and employees. 60% of my time is spent developing HTML5 content, and 40% is spent configuring SCORM content for and administering Kenra's GreenLightLMS account. Provide expert guidance, instructional design, and project management for e-learning projects.

Collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) to define the scope and content development for Apple iPad targeted training modules. I research and fix LMS/SCORM and mobile device (iPad) course issues. I create original artwork, layout, designs, navigation schemes and controls for self-paced e-Learning modules and assessments (quizzes). I also administrate and troubleshoot Kenra's GreenLight (LMS) Learning Management System account. I routinely configure, test and deploy SCORM content. I do the following in this role:

Primary Responsibilities:

• Rapid Instructional and UI design and development
• Remote eLearning, web development and support
• JavaScript and HTML5 Development
• Articulate Storyline Development

Storyline Quiz Sample:

I provide technical direction on design and development of web-based learning technology projects using rapid instructional design techniques. I have experience in design, development and implementation of projects using multimedia e-learning software. I use Articulate Storyline, Adobe Photoshop, SnagIt, Sublime Text, Camtasia and other tools to complete my projects.

I have strong knowledge of blended learning program design and integration. Through my work I maintain standard instructional guidelines, templates, fonts, style guides and writing guides for all learning objects pursuant to applicable trends in the learning industry and specific business needs.

Sample Kenra WBT



April 2013 – Present – The Motley Fool | Writer

As a contract Instructional Developer I was responsible for managing and creating the development of interactive

As a Motley Fool freelance writer, I digest the daily events affecting the business world, and interpret this information for the Motley Fool's audience. I look for the following as I create content:

Primary Responsibilities:

• Sectors or industry emerging at the expense of the status quo
• Dramatically rising or falling stock prices.
• Seismic shifts in business trends.
• Anything new


Motley fool John Moore


May 2012 – Present – Fall Creek Gardens | Web Content Manager

I provide WordPress development and technical support, content creation, SEO and website administration for Fall Creek Gardens. Experience with custom digital marketing, specifically with ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub and MailChimp. Other responsibilities include:

• Social networking integration
• Remote web support
Write content

Here are some digital marketing samples:

ExactTarget Email Campaign Design -
ExactTarget A/B Testing -
ExactTarget Tracking -


ExactTarget eMarketing Guru

I also provide email marketing for Fall Creeks Gardens. I use ExactTarget software
to direct market to Fall Creek Gardens members. I'm responsible for coding, testing,
scheduling and reporting on emails. Here is a sample email marketing campaign:

I also do the following:

• Prepare Photoshop files as required, slicing/resizing images
• Build emails using ExactTarget templates
• Create HTML paste emails using HTML
• Prepare, update and maintain the subscriber list
• Implement A|B testing, including segmentation, subject lines, sent times, etc.
• Perform quality assurance testing to validate functional and rendering performance


September 2012 – February 2013 – Salesforce ExactTarget | Instructional Design and Development

As a contract Instructional Developer I was responsible for managing and creating the development of interactive training materials for internal and external clients. I provided create conceptual, creative thinking to turn complex concepts into easy-to-understand, visually appealing, and interactive e-learning modules. I worked closely with a cross-functional team of Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to deliver effective materials that reach a wide array of audiences. I have a trained eye for design, an uncanny attention to detail, and the desire to work in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Interface with Instructional Designers, SMEs, and stakeholders
• Design graphics, visualizations, and animations
• Collaborate and manage learner-centered online training projects
• Set, manage, and achieve production schedules for material design and deployment
• Manage multiple tasks at once

I know how to do the following using ExactTarget software:

Data Management
Creating an Email in Distributed Sending
Create an HTML Template
Subscribers and Tracking

I did the following:

• Graphic design and multimedia production
• Development with Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Construct 2
• Web Development with HTML/HTML5 and CSS
• eLearning Development using Articulate Storyline

Articulte Storyline Development

May 2011 – May 2012 – Budgetler | Developer and Content Manager

Budgetler is an online financial assistant that tracks all account types and transactions. It offers the functionality of desktop financial management software within a lean and easy-to-use web service. As an Indianapolis Lead Developer and Content Manager I did the following:

• Application development with the Ruby on Rails framework
• Full application stack from the application core to the database layer
• JQuery framework
• PayPal Integration


February 2011 – July 2011 – BEA Consulting / Bostech | SEO Content Manager

As an Indianapolis SEO Content Manager I produced deliverables independently but
worked closely with technology team members to build the website.
Shaping ideas based on users and business insights, while being sensitive to both the
brand and the client’s (USA Funds) internal capabilities was a key component of my job.

My primary responsibilities were to write, edit, repurpose, enhance and post content.
I built, supported and optimized content using text, multimedia and graphics. As SEO
Content Manager I implemented SEO to increase search volume. I compiled content
(via agreements) from partners such as Monster, Bundle and Fastweb to broaden
and strengthen content offerings. I also worked with the Bostech
development team to QA the CMS. Other duties:

Decipher (Monster, Bundle and Fastweb) content license agreements
SEO content strategy - Keyword generation, SEO sitemap and taxonomy Google Analytics Administration and Reporting
• Keyword Implementation - Text articles and Q & A content
• Create Forum (JForum) Moderator and User Guidelines
• Repurpose branded content - Text, images and video
• Draft website documentaion (terms, privacy, etc...)
• Testing/QA of website CMS using Assembla

As SEO Content manager I also provided quality assurance for I used
Assembla for bug tracking and team collaboration. I made sure that content followed
the "tone" and "voice" of the client. I used approved style guides, wireframes and
client direction to make sure the final content deliverable met or exceed expectation.

Elizabeth "Beth" Gilstrap, former Bostech Marketing Manager, now at ExactTarget
was one of my managers on this project.

Here are my BEA Holdings references.


January 2011 – June 2011 – ChaCha Search | Social Coordinator

As Social Coordinator my primary responsibilities were finding, editing, repurposing, rewriting, and enhancing content. I built, supported and promoted content using facebook and by optimizing on-page content. As Social Coordinator I implemented SEO best practices and social media to support findability and usability for an Internet audience. Other duties:

• Optimized content using current SEO strategies
• Generated SEO content based on trending data
• Researched media and web technologies
• Keyword research, audit and strategy

I was the Social Coordinator for the michaeljacksonisking facebook page:

MJ Facebook page

As a Social Coordinator I focused on creating content for maximum visibility and ranking in the major (Google) search engines. I used Google Analytics, Google Insights for Search and SEO copy editing techniques (long tail SEO) to achieve Search Engine Optimization goals.

See More...


July 2010 – Current | Freelancer

• Creating content for websites
• e-Learning development

April 2002 – June 2010 – Clarian Learning Solutions (CLS) | Multimedia Developer

Multimedia Developer - As a developer at Clarian I worked with clinical staff, other developers,
training staff and designers creating storyboards, user interfaces, web sites, documentation,
presentations, and elearning applications. I effectively used creativity and technical skill to
develop multimedia, web-based training, animation, presentations, podcasts and software simulations.

Besides designing and developing SCORM content I also provided Tier III support for Plateau
Systems WBTs and troubleshooting assistance for the Plateau learning management system (eLMS)
when needed. I also worked well within a team environment and under the pressure of multiple deadlines.
I gathered and documented requirements, worked with subject matter experts and distributed LTA
documentation on several elearning projects. Other duties:

• Created video and audio (multimedia) content for customized e-Learning
• e-Learning development for the Internet and desktop computers
• Developed Cerner Implementation Web Based Training
• Animation Mockups - Content Design and Development
• Reviewed online courses for quality assurance
• Trained CLS design staff on multimedia software
• Designed and developed SCORM based WBTs
• SCORM/LMS Content Integration

• Development Case Studies - HTML, PHP, SQL and Actionscritping development:

As a Digital Media Designer designed, developed and supported the following:

• Logo Design

SapceeLetter Logo




• Flash, Captivate and SCORM Web Based Training (WBT) module:

Flash elearning WBT

• eLearning Training Page (HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Bitmaps):


• eLearning Training Page E-Mail Announcement (HTML and Bitmap):


• Using Social Media - Twitter Page for Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Rollout:


• Print Graphic Design samples:

• Booklet Layout, Graphic Design and PrePress - Adobe InDesign and MS Word:

booklet Real Booklet

• LTA Documentation:

• Flash GUI, CSS, Actionscript and HTML Video Training Module:

video Training


• Animation - Rich Media - Voice Fonts - Storyboarding (T1 BroadBand Only!):

Flash HTML Animation

* This was a proof-of-concept using Flash animation and voice fonts.

As a developer, I was also responsible for managing all the online newsletters for PACE Updates and ensuring that online customer experiences were consistent and standards of the PACE Updates brand were consistent across all marketing initiatives. I acted as a partner with instructional design on eLetter content and distribution. I was the PACE knowledgebase creator and content manager from 2005 - 2010. I designed and developed a PHP, HTML and PDF knowledgebase for FAQs and CPOE training materials.

I edited and sent a monthly FAQ e-mail campaign to Clarian clinical staff. In 2006 I used Google analytics to provide advanced methodologies such as newsletter design, testing and advanced user segmentation. I also applied Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to the eLetter FAQ knowledge base and e-Mail newsletter campaigns. Other duties:

• Developed the strategy for integrating email into eLetter FAQ knowledgebase
• Implemented the eLetter FAQ knowledge base search engine
• Tracked emails and FAQ knowledge base using Google Analytics and Crazy Egg
• Migrated FAQ communications from print to less expensive electronic channels
• FAQ knowledge base content SEO

• eLetter FAQ knowledgebase - e-Mail Newsletter PHP/HTML search engine:


• eLetter FAQ knowledgebase - 2010 Analytics:

Goole Analytics Sample

E-Mail newsletter reach from 2008 thru 2011

• Typical eLetter FAQ online newsletter (HTML, Social Networking, E-mail):

eletter Long

• Clarian PULSE Information:

As a developer I also provided second and third tier application support to customers on the front end WBT modules of the Learning Management system (eLMS). I assisted internal and external clients with application support requests while mentoring and coaching fellow team members on support issues. While providing WBT application support I was responsible for the following:

• Quality assurance and use case testing
• Help-desk type support for proprietary eLearning modules
• Coordinating and performing operating procedures - FTP
• Advising alternate solutions for problems and or recommending a specific solution
• Providing updates, status, and completion information to managers and team members

As a Developer I was a key member of a creative services team and enjoyed working in a
fast paced collaborative environment.

April 2006 – May 2007 – CBS Interactive (CBS Digital Media Group) | Blogger/Sports Cartoonist

I created the SPuN cartoon feature for the CBS Sportsline SPiN website. I conceptualized and wrote sports related content. CBS Interactive wanted edgy sports commentary content.

Big Ben Accident

I also created YouTube animations for SPuN:

JG Moore - Online-video-guru

Cheat On!

• Blog Cartoon:

Colts Cartoon

• CBS SportsLine Interactive: Premiere, ActionScript and Caricature

spcClick Here Now

Maya Unlimited 2008 - 3D Character Modeling & Rigging

3D Art

• Storyboarding, Illustration, Animation, Actionscript and Inverse Kinematics (IK):

SapceFlash Animation Video

*This was a first draft of this animation - part of the lip-sync is off.

Or Download the video here:

• Samples of some of my freelance graphic work:

Detailed work case studies

April 2000 – May 2001 – Pearson Education | Media Developer

As an Indianapolis multimedia developer I designed Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for CD-ROM applications. I developed visual media elements, created and edited images, as well as developed interactive CD-ROMs for the Sams publishing imprint of Pearson Education. I worked with editors and writers, as well as software companies to develop book CD-ROMs.

I also negotiated software contracts and wrote product descriptions for each CD-ROM
I developed. As a Media Developer I was also responsible for the following:

• Posting book errata content to the Pearson Education website
• Technical support and troubleshooting of all my media projects
• Microsite and CD-ROM GUI design, development and production
• Reviewing content for quality assurance
• Providing CD-ROM source code updates and fixes

• GUI Design, Layout and Production - Photoshop, Formula Graphics and Illustrator:


• GUI Design, Layout and Production - Photoshop, Flash and Actionscript:



• Microsite GUI Design, Layout and Production - Photoshop and HTML:

Sams Book Webpage


August 1998 – March 2000 – H.L.Yoh Company | IT Consultant

IT Consultant – I was responsible for maintaining networks and applications for the
Indiana women infant and children (WIC) program. I provided support via the phone
and Internet to WIC clinic workers. I also designed and developed web applications
using HTML and desktop applications using Visual Basic. I also provided tier I, II
and III application support and on-site (WIC clinics) troubleshooting of applications
and WIC networked WinTel computers. As an IT Consultant I was also responsible
for the following:

• On-site WIC Voucher software installation - Lexmark MICR printer setup
• Coordinated equipment repair - Lexmark MICR printers and OS troubleshooting

May 1997 – August 1998 – Paul Harris Stores, Inc. | PC Support Specialist

I was responsible for maintaining user workstations in a corporate setting. I setup,
upgraded and repaired Windows 95 based PC’s and Windows NT 3.5 file servers.
I provided tier I, II and III support. I also managed the H.E.A.T. for Windows customer
support system and handled telephone support. While providing PC Support I was
also responsible for the following:

• On-site point-of-sale systems installation - setup of WinTel POS systems
• Coordinating equipment repair — HP printers and NCR Pentium 7452s

May 1995 – August 1997 – Indianapolis Public Schools | Computer Specialist

I was responsible for maintaining a computer lab in an educational setting. I setup,
upgraded and repaired Windows based PC's and managed Novell Netware 3.12 and
4.1 file servers. I also provided tier I and II support. As a Computer Specialist
I was also responsible for the following:

• Service calls on warranty equipment
• PC Break fix and equipment repair
• User phone support

► Publications:

The Flash Webisode Production Handbook (With CD-ROM) (Paperback)
By John Moore (Author)

Flash Book Amazon Page

SapceFlash Book CD-ROM GUI

I wrote this book. I developed the code samples and CD-ROM for this
book. I also completed all the software acquisitions (contracts)
and created all the visual content for this book.

Paperback: 407 pages Publisher: Charles River Media; 1st edition

(October 15, 2001) Language: English ISBN-10: 1584500875

• Amazon Book Page:

• Sample Pages:

► Awards:

• Clarian Awards:

► Certificates:

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)

• Coordinating and customizing Implementations
• User Engagement & User experience Metrics
• Analysis and Reporting

My Verification ID Number: 388349

• ASTD Instructional Design Certificate:

ASTD Certificate

► Proposal Writing:

Online Knowledge Base proposal:


Online eLearning video page proposal - included Google Analytics and CrazyEgg usage:

►SEO Content Development (SEO Writing, Copy Editing & Graphics):


Here is a quick example of my long tail SEO writing and copy editing skills:

1. Google this:

I want to purchase movies using iTunes

ChaCha SEO

2. Click on this link:


3. Here is my web article:


The web article

Here are the keywords I used to SEO copy edit this article:

• iTunes
• Sony Pictures
• Apple
• share
• digital content
• buy

4. Google this:

iTunes Sony Pictures Apple share digital content + buy

5. My article is listed number 5 out of 1,260,000 results.

SE  Rank was hit by the Google Farmer update so these results are out of date.


► Education:

IUPUI - Visual Communications 1990-1991

► References:

References available here.

► Compensation (FTE - USD) :

Fair market rate.

► Compensation (CON W2 - USD) :

$37/hr to $45/hr - Content Management and Graphics

$45/hr to $55/hr - SEO, Technical Writing and Application Support

$55/hr to $65/hr - LMS Admin, Instructional Design and Development

$70/hr to $100/hr - Public Art, Murals, etc.

► My Pitch:

I have writing experience, development skills,
content creation and multimedia skills.

I also have the Google Analytics Individual

I have a unique skill-set that will get results
for your digital initiatives.

My most important asset is that I treat people
the way I want to be treated. I always remember
the most important part of technology is people.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration.